Spring Break in Florida: Avoiding Injury

Thousands of young people flock to Florida every year during their spring break from school to experience the many pleasures that our beautiful state and our tourist attractions afford. For the vast majority, the experience is rewarding and provides wonderful memories. However, accidents do happen. As a personal injury lawyer, I have seen how negligence and carelessness have harmed many people’s lives. If you come to Florida for spring break, take reasonable precautions so that the carelessness or negligence of others does not harm you. 

Common injuries to avoid

Auto, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian accidents: Auto accidents and fatalities around certain Florida attractions are nearly 10% higher during the spring break season. Primary causes include increased traffic, more young drivers, driving under the influence, and distracted driving. Don’t be one of the statistics. If you are driving, walking, or riding a bike, watch for erratic drivers and avoid traffic where possible. If you are a passenger, refuse to ride with someone who is intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or distracted. 

Watersports accidents: Accidents while boating, jet skiing, surfing, or using other water equipment, going down waterslides, drowning, and cliff diving are just some of the things that can go wrong around water. Alcohol consumption is one of the biggest contributors to these tragedies. Defective equipment is another factor. Avoid drinking alcohol while operating a piece of equipment or while around a body of water, and inspect all equipment for any obvious malfunction before using it.

Assault and other violent crimes: Physical assaults, drug-related crimes, drunken brawls, sexual assaults – all are possible, and extreme caution should be taken to avoid dark areas with insufficient surveillance or security. Going to bars or nightclubs can be fun, but check reviews online first to find reputable places. Businesses have a duty to keep their areas safe for their visitors, but not all do. 

Crowd injuries, slip and falls, unsafe rides, etc.: The tragedy of the Travis Scott concert at the Houston Astroworld in 2021 should be a warning for all people attending crowded events. Stay close to an exit, especially when the crowds are standing throughout the event. Theme parks, restaurants, and entertainment venues are required to keep their properties clean and in good repair to avoid illness or injury to visitors, but remain aware of your surroundings. Avoid food vendors whose conditions don’t look healthy, areas with debris on the ground, and rides that look like they are not well maintained. 

Comparative negligence

Florida follows a pure comparative negligence rule, which allows suing parties to receive compensation even if they are partly to blame for the incident. This means that, if a jury finds that you were 30% at fault for your injury, you can still receive 70% of the compensation awarded. 

If you have experienced an injury during your visit to Florida, seek medical attention immediately. Do not wait until you get back to your home state. Not only will your prognosis be better if you receive quick medical care, but you will also legally establish that the injury happened in Florida, not on your way home or at home. Take pictures of the accident situation if you can, and if possible, get eyewitness testimony. Even seemingly small injuries can leave a permanent physical or emotional impact. Certainly, contact the police if a crime has occurred.

Florida is a beautiful and exciting vacation destination, and millions of people safely visit every year, creating lifelong, wonderful memories. So don’t hesitate to come to Florida for spring break. However, if you have an unfortunate accident while in Florida and you believe another party’s negligence caused the injury, you have a right to pursue compensation. I am committed to making sure you get the compensation you deserve. Call me at (954) 448-7288, 24/7 for a free consultation.

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