Can I Pursue a Business Interruption Claim/Lawsuit?

If your business has experienced an interruption due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis, contact The Quackenbush Law Firm. You may be entitled to compensation through your business interruption insurance coverage. If you did not have business interruption insurance coverage at the onset of the crisis, you may have had another insurance policy that could afford you coverage.

Many companies purchase business interruption insurance coverage to protect them in the case of a crisis which prevents their business from operating. When an emergency such as the Covid-19/Coronavirus crisis occurs, insurance companies who sold such policies should provide compensation to their customers. However, unfortunately they do not always do so. This can obviously be a crushing blow to businesses struggling to stay afloat.

The Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis has caused staggering levels of business interruption. Insurance companies are receiving a record number of claims. As a result, many insurance companies are shirking their responsibilities and denying legitimate claims. Businesses who have been loyally paying premiums for years are now being denied compensation for various reasons. It is quite a shock for a business which expected to receive help in the time of a crisis to suddenly realize that such help is not coming. If this occurred to your business, contact The Quackenbush Law Firm.

Anthony Quackenbush of the Quackenbush Law Firm has years of experience handling complicated matters involving insurance coverage. If you’ve been the victim of insurance company bad faith, Mr. Quackenbush will fight hard against the insurance company to make sure your business receives the benefits it’s entitled to.

Upon undertaking representation of your case, Mr. Quackenbush will typically issue a demand to the insurance company immediately. This demand will insist that compensation be paid to your business. If such compensation is not paid, the insurance company can later be deemed to have been in “bad faith.”

That is, insurance companies in Florida have a responsibility to act in “good faith” and pay out on legitimate claims. If they don’t and instead act in “bad faith,” there can be all sorts of negative implications down the line in Court. However, Mr. Quackenbush’s demanding that the insurance company pay you their benefits puts you in a much better position to argue later in Court that the insurance company acted in bad faith if they refuse to do so.

If the insurance company denies the demand, Mr. Quackenbush will usually then file a lawsuit against the insurance company. Such a lawsuit serves to put more pressure on the insurance company to do the right thing and issue their benefits to your business.

If you’d like to speak to Mr. Quackenbush about a potential business interruption claim, contact him at 954-448-7288. He will review your insurance policy, and will give you a free consultation.

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